NCARC Club Meeting Minutes for July, 2012

July 21, 2012
The meeting was held at the Golden Corral Restaurant in Loveland.  It was called to order at 9:00 by President Willie W5WIW.  There were 23 members, 7 guests, 1 new member present.
Willie welcomed the members and their guests, and then called for the officer’s reports.
The Secretary’s Report: The minutes for last meeting were read and approved. 
Willie asked the PAO - Bob Schmid if he had some business, and he turned to Jerry Reynolds, who had a report.  He has been in touch with officials at the Ranch, and they are asking about which building we want.  He is asking for volunteers to be on the committee.  Ed Lawrence has volunteered to do the PA again, and Willie will be in charge of the back doors.  Ed moved to get the bigger building if it was still available.  David seconded, all members voted, motion passed.
Discussion about what prizes to be looking at, with a Kenwood 2000 or 7000 for the grand prize, and maybe a dual band 2 meter for one of the door prizes.  Any suggestions would be helpful, if you have an idea.
Those club members who have businesses might be asked for something to give out as a door prize, or little things for a ditty bag, maybe.  These things are tax deductible, and Tim can print out a receipt for givers for tax purposes.
Suggestion was made to consider having seminars during the Hamfest.
Reminder of the Board meeting on July 31.
Treasurer’s Report: We have 141 registered members.  Our beginning balance for July was $11,297.63.  We had income of $125.52 (4 new members, 1 renewal), expenses $339.37 (the autopatch phone, equipment insurance), with a balance to date of $11,083.68.
Technical Committee: Same as last month.
Old Business: Because of the High Park fire which was so big and destructive, discussion was had concerning actions to take in case of this happening close to where you live.  For those who have Ham radio, they will usually hear of danger before the general public.  We all need to have a meeting place for all the members of our families to go to in times of an emergency. 
New Business: We are planning to have our September meeting be a picnic on September 22 at Fossil Creek Park in Ft. Collins.  We will have more information later.
Bob Schmid presented our program on Repeater Controllers, and why we need them, or want them.  He explained how they work, and some of the reasons for doing what they do.  He passed around some older products he had made.  It was very interesting.

NCARC Club Meeting
Minutes, July 21, 2012
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Meeting was adjourned at 10.45 AM.
Submitted by Jerry Williams
Acting Secretary