NCARC Club Meeting Minutes for December, 2012

Dec. 15, 2012
NCARC General Club Meeting Minutes

  1. Call Meeting to Order – Willie – W5WIW
    The meeting was called to order at 9:02 am by Willie, W5WIW
  2. Welcome Members and Guests
    Willie, W5WIW had the board members introduce themselves with their call sign. and identify their positions on the board.  We then went around the round and had everyone else introduce themselves with their call sign.
  3. Officers Reports
    1. Secretary – Bill Abbott, WB0ZVE
      1. The minutes from the November meeting which have been on the clubs website for the last month were presented.  Tom, K1TJ moved to accept them as presented.  The motion was seconded by Jim, W0TJC.  The motion passed.
      2. No Board of Directors meeting was held in December because of scheduling problems.   Therefore, there were no minutes to present.
    2. Treasurer Report – Tim Cottam, W0TJC
      1. Tim, W0TJC presented the Treasurer’s Report for November.  The report and supporting information can be found on the club’s website.
      2. He reviewed the Hamfest money numbers.  Details can be found on the club’s website.
      3.  He reviewed the 2012 money numbers.  Details can be found on the club’s website.
      4. A reminder was given that all memberships expire at the end of December and need to be renewed.
      5. The 2013 was presented for approval.  Mike, N7DQ made a motion to approve the budget as presented and Tom, K1TJ seconded the motion.  The motion passed
    3. Technical Committee Chairman – John Wells, KBONE
      1. John, KB0NE was not present because of medical issues within the family.
      2. TJ, K1TJ reported that the new transformer for the Astron power supply was purchase.
      3. TJ also reported that the antenna on the 25/85 repeater at UNC was blown apart and was replaced with a loaner.
    4. PAO – Bob Schmid, WA9FBO
      1. Webmaster
        Bill, WB0ZVE gave an update of the website changes and updates for November.
      2. Hamfest Report
        Jerry, N0UI reviewed the work that is on-going for the upcoming NCARC Winter Hamfest.
        1. Tables are available until Jan. 16 when we have to turn in a final count to the Fairgrounds management
        2. Volunteers will be able to get in on Saturday morning at 6:30 am.
        3. There will be a Friday night work session to get the room ready.
        4. Everyone in the club needs to try to sell tables those people that they might know who might be interested.
        5. Several suggestions for raising more money from the vendors were suggested, e.g.; charging $2 for power drops, charging extra if people want specific tables or block of tables, etc.
        6. Bill, K6UPE said he will donate a Boefang dual band , 5 watt ht as one of 2 ht’s to be given to those passing their FCC tests that day.
        7. Marty, KC0QOK made a motion for the club to buy a second radio Boefang radio from Ed, WA5SWD to be paid for out of the clubs general budget to be given as the second radio to be given to any new ham.  The motion was seconded by mike, N7DQ.  The motion passed.  (Secretary’s note: This motion was changed several times by several people after the motion was seconded, but without following the parliamentary procedure of amending, seconding, and adopting the amendments.  This lead to confusion.  When I asked to either have the motion restated in its totally by Marty or to be allowed to read it back to make sure it was right, Marty told me: “You know what it is, so cut the crap and write it down.”  I wrote down what I heard without further clarification.  Therefore, the motion as written above is the official motion.  The problem is that one 5W Boefang Ht  to be donated by Bill, K6UPE will be given to a ham who passes the FCC test that day chosen by an unstated method and a second 5W Boefang Ht to be purchased by that club from Ed, WA5SWA will given to a “new ham” (In this motion it was changed from “a ham passing the test on that morning” to “a new ham because the former was too limiting).”  It was not specified how a “new ham“ was to be defined or what method would be used to select this person to receive the second 5W Boefang HT.).
  4. Old Business
    1. Thanks to David, KD8BQN for running the Wednesday Night net on 447.275 and also for organizing a PSK 2M net for anyone who is interested.  The PSK net generally follows the club net on a frequency that is announced that night.
    2. Thanks to the group that installed the new power supply at the Horsetooth site and repaired the antenna at the 25/85 site.
    3. There was a discussion about the repeater kerchunker who has been visiting our repeaters recently.  There was a review of the problems caused and when & how it is happening.  The steps that have been taken were discussed.  Will, W5WIW said that he has been contacted by volunteer who would like to get involved and who has his onw equipment.  The people at the meeting thought it was a fine idea as long as he works though Justin, N0AOL.  Justin has talked to the FCC about the problem and was given a script to read over the air when the problem occurs.
  5. New Business
    1. Marty, KC0QOK took the floor to talk about what he feels is a vendetta against him by 2 members of the board and other things that he objected to.  Willie, W5WIW gave a brief to many of Marty’s statements.
    2. A motion was made by Charles, KD0GMW to have the board of Directors make, in writing, a statement of what legal action were taken against Marty along with any other actions taken against Marty.  The motion was seconded by Dave, KD8BQN.  The motion passed.
    3. Ed, WA5SWD made a motion that no more discussion of this or similar issues until the February meeting.  The motion was seconded by Dave, KD8BQN and passed.


  1. Program –There was no program this meeting
  2. Adjourn Meeting
    A motion to adjourn was made by Scott, N7JQQ at 10:38 am.  The motion was seconded by Marty, KC0QOK.

Submitted by:
William Abbott, WB0ZVE
NCARC Secretary