NCARC Club Meeting Minutes for November, 2012

NCARC November Club Meeting Minutes
November 17, 2012
The meeting held at the Loveland Golden Corral Restaurant was called to order at 9:04 am by President Willie, W5WIW.  There were 37 members and 4 visitors present.  Willie, W5WIW asked everyone introduce themselves with their name and call sign (if applicable).
Club Secretary Bill, WBZVE did a verbal review of the October Meeting Minutes as requested by Marty, KC0QOK   .   A motion to approval the minutes was made by David, KD8BQN and seconded by OJ, K0OJ.  The motion passed.  Bill; WB0ZVE then reviewed the draft of meeting minutes with the club.
Club Treasurer Tim, W0TJC gave the Financial Report of October, 2012.  Summary: Begging balance 10, 906.30, ending balance 13,822.01.  Expenses 109.65 for office supplies and phone bill.  Deposits 3025.36.  There was 1 new member and 149 active  members.  The complete report is available on the club website,  Tim, W0TJC presented the 2013 budget.  It was approved by the board already and will be voted on at the next NCARC Club Meeting.
Tech Chair John, KB0NE reviewed the problems we have had with the Astron poser supply and proposed buying a new one.  This was taken up under the New Business later in the meeting.
Hamfest Chair Jerry, N0UI gave a review of the plans for the NCARC 2013 Winter Hamfest.  The flyer for this year’s event is available on the club website.  He brought up the need for volunteers.  VE Testing will be offered. There will be fur forums offered.  According to David, KD0BQN the forums will be Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES), Automated Packet Reporting System (APRS), Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), and National Traffic system (NTS).   These will be a half an hour each with an additional half an hour between them.  Ed, WA5SWD suggested starting these 5 minutes after the hour to avoid a conflict with the prize drawings. 
Old Business
A reminder was made for the NCARC Club Net on Wednesday nights.  The net takes place on the 447.275 club repeater at 7:00 pm.  ED, WA5SWD made a motion passed by the Board of Directors for free membership to new hams be amended to allow new hams from any VEC testing session bring in the proof of their new license and then receive their free year.  Motion was seconded by Tom, K1TJ. The motion passed.
New Business
The Board of Directors passed a motion at their November meeting to by a new power supply to replace the Astron that failed.  A motion for the club to approve the board proposed expenditure of $445 for a SAMLEX, model SEC-60BRM and to buy it from Dan, W7RF was made by Eugene, KI5MPA and seconded by Tim, W0TJC.  The motion passed.  Dan, W7RF said he had the power supply in the car and he would go get it.  The transfer was completed.
The Board presented its proposal to by a spare 7330from SCOM for $479.  Eugene made a motion to accept the board’s recommendation and buy the SCOM controller.  The motion was seconded by Ed, WA5SWA.  The motion passed.
The board also presented its approved motion to provide another $500 for the hamfest.  The current budget (passed before the 2012 Hamfest) is $3000 with actual 2012 expenditure of $3400.  After much discussion, Mike Bates, W7DQ made a motion to approve the additional requested funds of $500 with a full accounting of all money expenditures to be provided after the 2013 NCARC Winter Hamfest.  The motion was seconded and passed.
Mike, N7DQ told us that SKYWARN Appreciation day with the NWS takes place on December 1, 2012.  Those people who are interested in being involved at the NWS ham radio station should contact Mike.
Dave, KD8BQN said he is planning to start a 2 Meter PSK Net.  He will set up a time, frequency, days of the week and pass that along to Bill, WB0ZVE who will put an announcement on the NCARC website and send a message out to the NCARC Member’s Mailing List.  This list is a fully moderated list that is used for official club business only.
Eric, N6RFI gave us a presentation about the Civil Air Patrol (CAP).  It was a fun and informative presentation.
A motion to adjourn was made by Eugene, KI6MPA.  The motion was seconded.  The meeting adjourned at 10:40 am
Submitted by Bill Abbott, WB0ZVE
                      NCARC Secretary