Hamfest Volunteer Position Descriptions

Hello Volunteers!
This is a list of the positions we have for event day volunteering. Please look them over and select what looks good to you! All shifts are an hour or two in duration. Feel free to select the ones that are for you. We understand that folks have schedules which sometimes are unknown until shortly before the event so if that is your situation, just let us know if you would like to tentatively sign up for a shift or two but are unsure of your schedule at this time. We understand! Now we will be offering a 50% admission discount to anyone who signs up early for help out.

  • Doors/Ticket Sales: There are two main positions here, one is for vendors (starting at 7 AM) and the other is for general admission. We need 2 folks at each table and we will have 2 tables set up. You will be selling admission tickets, making change and stamping hands. We also will be selling extra raffle tickets – 1 person at each table can do this and 1 can sell the admission tickets.  We are also considering doing pre-sales of admission tickets in the admission line before the doors open.
  • NCARC Table: We need several folks (to spell each other) who can give out club information, answer questions about the club, and help folks to pay their club dues (involves handling money). You will also probably answer questions about the Hamfest as well.
  • PA Announcing: This person will help keep the Hamfest on track, make announcements, and help with the prize drawings. Fast paced and fun! 
  • Radio Talk In Operators: This opportunity starts early as vendors and attendees start arriving and need directions to the facility. You might also be answering questions about where gas and food facilities, etc. are located near the fairgrounds. We will work with you on the radios and antennas needed to do this so if you are short on equipment that day, we can help!
  • Special Event Station:  We plan to run two special event stations; one running voice and one running PSK31.  The goal of the stations are to allow guests (Kids, non-hams, and hams alike) to operate the stations.  Both stations need to be staffed with two people for the duration of the event, one to assist the guest operator and act as control operator and one to man the table and discuss the stations.   Control operators should be proficient in working HF (PSK31 specifically for the PSK station) and be general or higher class licensee.  Assistance setting up the stations and antennas before the doors open will also be needed.
  • New Ham Event Tours: you will be giving a short briefing about our Hamfest and Hamfests in general to folks who are new to these events. Then you will take a small group of them for a walk around the facility, introduce them to the vendors, and answer questions about what they are seeing and how it all works!
  • Photo/Video Operators: If you are into photography you’ll like this one! We like to document the size of these hamfests, and get cool shots of people enjoying themselves. 
  • VE Testing: Mike Hickerson always has the VE testing under control but they always need VE testers so help them out if you can! They could also use some help getting everything set up and put away after the testing is over.
  • Safety Marshal: The safety officer needs help to make sure we have a fun but safe event this year. The vendor parking area is going to be very busy early so we will need folks out there helping. During the event, you will be watching for unsafe conditions out on the event floor as well as keeping an eye on the attendee parking lots and the sidewalks if we have weather issues to contend with