Become a Ham

Want to become a Amateur Radio Operator?  (HAM)

It's a very simple process.  There are three levels of in the Amateur Licensing; Technician, General and Extra.  Each one provides a more capabilities and prifvledges after completing a written muliple choice test. 

For more detailed information courtesy of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) click here

All you need to get your Technician is to pass a simple 35 question test with 80% or better.

There is no longer a morse code test required!

Where to buy study materials and guides:
Study material is available from ARRL in the form of books and Q&A guides.  These can be ordered directly from them, or through other retailers.  Amazon carries them too.

Study material from W5YI (Gordon West) is also available:

Where go for practice tests online:

Getting Help: 

NCARC is committed to helping anyone who asks to become a ham or upgrade.  We offer classes a few times a year.  Also we can answer any question on the test, or help you out with tough subjects.  Feel free to contact our Elmers at:


Testing is offered on a regular basis:

Additional sessions are scheduled at times. If a session is needed, please contact Mike Hickerson (WBØMH) - (970) 988-9459.

Please remember to bring two forms of ID, a copy of your current license if you are upgrading and $15 test fee, cash or make checks payable to: ARRL/VEC.

Congratulations to our NEW HAMS.  Click Here to See Who They Are.