APRS & Simplex Net

On Thursday Evenings, 1930 hrs, on 147.420 (voice) simplex and 144.390, (APRS)

We’d like to invite you to a new Simplex and APRS net.  It’s soul purpose is to help you be better prepared and to give each operator the resources to make their own station more functional, better equipped and build the skills to venture in directions many have either not been exposed to or still have questions of “how to” or “what’s this about”.  Although some of us have used APRS, what else can we do with it besides beacon our location, or check on others?  How well can it work beyond the range of a digipeater?  How else can it be used?

Learning and using your equipment and resources on a regular basis affords you the ability to troubleshoot your own problems and function better as a communications team member. By pooling people, equipment, providing training, and Q & A sessions, we hope to provide  you the tools to be proficient and help you to be a more valuable member of this communications team.  

For more information, contact K7AVV, N7GES, K0RAW, or KC0DSJ